Spring 2020

A Break in the Clouds

“To see people working together as a community and keeping infection rates low. In just three days we’ve seen a significant decrease. It’s been great to be here and a part of that.”
— Favian, Orthopaedist, San Francisco General Hospital

“I try not to think about all that. I have my job, I like it, and I just keep moving forward. On my days off, I like cooking.”
— Yvonne, Civic Center, Bay Area resident


“I’ve come to terms with the fact that I can’t control what’s going on out there, but I can control what’s going on with me. I have a workout pole in my room and I can really go ham with training.”Hilary, former City College of San Francisco student, Sunset District


“It slows me down for all the things I’ve taken for granted … like this, just talking to people more. And I’ve been appreciative of friends reaching out to me.” — Andrew, City College of San Francisco student, Civic Center



“Working on the garden, I’d be out here anyway but now I have much more time to really work on it.”
— Dan, San Francisco resident, Mission District


“Nothin’s slowing me down, no traffic, and nobody’s out here bothering me. It’s great. I can just do my job and if I do see someone, I say hello and wish them the best.”
— Elmer, Mission District, Postal Service Worker


“The environment. I was with my auntie at Lake Merced and noticed the air quality’s a lot better. Everyone needs do their part so it can stay like this.”
— Michelle, San Francisco resident, Civic Center


“The simple fact that we get to spend so much time with Teddy.” Teddy is their first dog.
— B, Stephanie, and Teddy, The Sunset District
San Francisco